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Peaceful Stroll
In Modern times,The Order will keep in their Neutral Traits,since they would never joins the United Nations Alliance.
in this time they adopt the Fn Fal as their Main Weapon,since it was Nicknamed "The right arm of the Free World".
Most of the Order Regulars(Soldiers with the rank of a Recrii[Recruit{Private}] to Reglar[Regular{Corporal}]) never liked any Assault Rifles like the M4 or AKM,since most of their soldiers are still young,and only fired Old Rifles from last world war,like M1 Garand,and their own Revolver Rifle,making Fn Fal the perfect choice for the Regular Force,even the Coats(Veteran Soldiers,mostly Chroma[Coats{Sergeant}]to Letvan[Senior Coats{Lieutenant}]. Has picked up the Fn Fal as their weapon,because it was effective at killing,and since it's a Battle rifle,they would Rarely ran out of ammo,since most Order Soldiers are only given 2-5 Magazine at max,in order to making them Lighter,and more mobile.

The Order Fn Fal was also modified,some even has Scopes from Red dot Sight to Acog Sight.
The Bullets used by the Order Fn Fal is barely known,since it didn't fire the NATO 7.62X51 mm Rounds.the only things that was known about the Order Fn Fal Bullet is that it's hard to get it out when it penetrates the armor,and Stuck inside the body.
World Under P.A.R.F Order Empire (Deleted Scene)
I don't know why I still have this in my computer,so I just remade it with some...lols.
P.A.R.F (C) :iconimp344:
Order Empire (C) :iconsilverbolt999:
Orlaine Provinces
Once the Capital of Order Empire,now are the Capital of White Order when the Empire Break Apart.
Known for the Shinan Regular School Branches,this City is where most of White Order Regulars are Trained.
-Shine Plains
The Capital of White Order's Vassal,The shine Family.The City are also known of the Shinan's Regular School,the First Regular School in Orlaine.
The Capital of Black Order,known for it's Tripple Walls,Fair Law,and Non Existant Corruption.
-Light Hill
A Lookout Fortress,mostly used by the Black Order to Protect their Vassal.
-Dark Hill
A Lookout Fortress,mostly used by the Black Order to Protect their Vassal.
-Melody Valley
the most Wealthy Port,also the Capital of Black Order's Vassal the Melody Family.
the Capital of the Forest Oneida's Kingdom,Known for it's Sacred Forest Located inside the city itself.
The Capital of the Flower Oneida's Kingdom,Known for it's Flower Gardens around the City.
the Capital of the Dark Rose Kingdom,it's walls are known to be impenetrable,but lacks any gates,which makes the entry to the city open,But The Patrols in the Entry are Very Tight.
the city walls are close with Adolfi Walls,in hope that the enemy can't have a bigger army to invade 2 Cities at once,and makes aiding each other easier.
the city walls are close with Adolfo walls,which makes invading both city harder.
The City of Eltians Republic,known from their separation from the Black Order and joining the Tripple alliance with Dark Rose Kingdom,and the Thracians.
-Ollaine Island
A Smaller Island near Orlaine,this is mostly used as a Outpost island.
Iroikos I
The Iroikos I was supposedly a prototype and will be changed with a much better tanks for the Modern Dark Rose Forces,but after seeing it's effectiveness they decided to make them the main battle tanks.

Dark Rose always has a easy access to high quality irons in their territory,and this tank are one of their masterpiece,every cannon shot is always mocked with a sound similar to a ringing bell from their somewhat thick armor.

This tank are incredibly slow,but due to it's armor,it can stand most artillery fire.The armor of this tank covers all the vital parts of the tank,which is everything,from the hatch to some extend the tracks.

The Iroikos I almost having a record of never losing a battle,most of their loses are because of the tank slow speed,and terrain difficulty.
The Iroikos I however,never loss a Defensive battles,Due to the unimportant of speed in defenses,and their thick armor makes them invincible to most anti tank weapons.
Often the Black Order(The Nation who still hostile to them)will try to avoid this tank,and focus on the objective.
Tyflia Spahina
Name: Ty-Flia Spah-Nia (Almost Everybody got her name wrong)[in Greek it means "Blind Sword"]
Age: 26
Race: Thraco-Equestrian Mix
Affiliation: Shine Family

A Blind Thraco-Equestrian Mix Orphan,that was adopted by the Order Orphanage.
As like all Thracian Born,and mixed,she has a sharper sense of hearing.
She was close with her close Friend Hana Lucania,which is the Orphanage owner's Daughter.
at the age of 12 she joined the Regular Forces,and serve as a Polearm Infantry,her teachers say that she was good with the combination of polearm,and the Falchion sword.
at the age of 19 she was Promoted to Picked Hooker,along with Hana.
Even Though Hookers are a soldier class that takes care of the provisions,and rarely fight,Picked Hookers are a whole new level of Provision managing,and Combat.


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born in 2000 april 6
Vocational School/eleventh grade
have a lot of ideas
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15 years old
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Before the coming of Equestrians in Orlaine,a Powerful Kingdom was controlling most of Orlaine,the Plains Oneida.
The Plains Oneida doesn't have the fast firing archer or the accurate archer of the Forest,and Flower Oneida,nor did they have strong infantry and devastating cavalry of the Dark Rose Oneida,all they have was determination of their warriors,every warriors can choose their class,and increase their skill in which their chosen class.
The Plains Oneida are ruled by a Queen,the first queen ever known was Eline Laurel,a Tyrant who expanded her Kingdom border,and eventually defeated multiple times by the Forest and Flower Oneida defending their lands,and by Thracians and Dark Rose forming a Coalition to Challenge the Plains.
when Equestria Arrived,Eline Laurel ally with them,in hope that they will help her to fight war on two fronts,but was later assassinated,and have most of her kingdom territory stolen.
The Plains Oneida are now fighting alone,since no ally wants to help them,and even the Young Princess Aline Laurel are afraid to take the throne,and lead the Plains Oneida.
for years the Plains Oneida suffered many defeats,until one day a Falconeer(Teenage Warrior),rally an army of Routing Fanatics,and Guardians and drive off a larger Equestrians army from the border of the Plains Oneida Territory.
The Falconeer name was Fauline Dandelion,and She was promoted to be the Leader of the Army of the Plains Oneida in a young age.but she won many victory to reclaim the Plains Oneida Territory,and help Aline Laurel to take the Throne.Until She was Slain because of the late reinforcement from the Queen Aline.
but Fauline Death was only inflame the fury of the Plains Oneida Warriors,the remaining Fauline's Retainers forms a massive army,and Defeated the Equestrians army,and not so long after that,the Order Rebellion Comes.The Order was Allied with the Plains,Forest,and Flower Oneida,but after the war ended,and peace was established in Orlaine,all of the Faction of Orlaine becomes stronger,except for the Plains Oneida,The Queen was Converted to join the White Order,and Leave her kingdom,and that's the end of the Plains Oneida Kingdom,only a small towns remains,and will be soon wiped out when the Black Order Takes over their land.


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